Nick’s 2011 Marathon Team       

Runner   Finishing Time
Lisa "Katy" DeCoursey Dallas, TX - Deferred from 2012 5:01:47
Robert E. Post Upper Saddle River, NJ 3:47:05
Vito Cannavo Staten Island, NY - Deferred from 2012 Cancelled & Deferred to 2014
Marisa Gianfortune Staten Island, NY - Deferred from 2012 Cancelled & Deferred to 2014
John Hayes New York, NY - Deferred from 2012 Cancelled & Deferred to 2014
Ryan Devlin Orland Park, IL - Deferred from 2012 5:14:50
Jeff Reynolds Orland Park, IL - Deferred from 2012 5:14:50
Tim Lynch Simsbury, CT - Deferred from 2012 5:02:23
Chris Olson Rockville Centre, NY - Deferred from 2012 3:21:41
Padraig Hayes Geneva, Switzerland - Deferred fom 2012 Awaiting

OUR PRE-MARATHON DINNER.............Took place this year on Friday, November 4, 2011.  We had our annual dinner at Tony’s DiNapoli in Times Square and we filled four very large tables with our runners, their guests and Nick’s Family.  We always have a good time at Tony’s and this year it was very crowded, with one celebration or another.  There was a full table of marathon runners from Italy right next to ours.  The New York Marathon does attract many runners from all over the world, so this wasn’t an unusual phenomenon. 

Again, this dinner is one of the highlights of our fundraiser, especially for us who are dealing with the runners in one way or another from afar, and now get a chance to meet them.  They really enjoy meeting one another as well.  We had three couples working diligently to raise $5,000.00 this year.  Raising $2,500.00 can be difficult, so you can just imagine. However, everyone met their fundraising obligations and we found that more of our runners used Crowdrise this year for their fundraising endeavors.  A fundraising effort of more than $62,000.00 between them can take your breath away.  We are so grateful to our team members.  The dinner is to honor them, they are the stars.  This year Monique Gilbert of Chicago, IL  also raised money for us. Having received her entry through the lottery, she opted to help us out anyway.  Thanks Monique. 

What we are finding so satisfying is that we have runners coming back year after year and we are becoming the Nick Fund Family.  We love it! 


OUR 2011 MARATHON TEAM, with Barbara Scaramuzzino smack dab in the middle.


MARATHON RACE DAY............Took place on Sunday, November 6, 2011.  Another beautiful day for a run, we got lots of very positive feedback.  We thought we would share with you the e-mails we received from a few of our runners after the race:

Katy DeCoursey: 
The marathon was the best ive ever experienced this year, between the amazing team dinner and the wonderful race day.  I hadnt even left the race yet before i said to mike that i would be running again next year!  I'd be happy to write something about my fundraising recommendations and approach for our team.  I was already working on an idea for a fundraiser in January with Chris and Erin as well as our friend Chris as I think they all want to participate again!  Also I'll forward you my pictures as soon as I get home, we have some really good ones this year!  
Let me echo Kim/Ryan/Chris sentiments.  This team is amazing and I am so honored to be a part of the nick's fund family!  I loved every minute of this experience and can't wait to do it again next year.....hope to see you all there.  Who's with me? :)

Chris Faison:

Being a Nick's Team first-timer, I have to say that I have never experienced anything like this year's marathon.  The training was brutal and I didn't make my goal time, but it was all worth it X10 to see that we raised that much $!  Way to go TEAM!  So proud to have been a part of something so meaningful. 

Jesse Oropesa:
Congratulations to everyone on the team and I was truly honored and humbled to be a part of this organization!  It was an amazing experience, however, unlike my previous marathons; I feel I actually made a difference in something other than my own personal goals.  Thank you Barbara!

You all have a new friend in D.C.! 

Doreen Rizzi:
SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!