Hannah James, Barbara Scaramuzzino, Moses Ramos
Hannah James, Barbara Scaramuzzino, Moses Ramos

The Port Richmond High School Awards Assembly took place this year on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. The Recipients this year were: Moses Ramos and Hannah James. The awards were presented this year by Nick’s brother-in-law, Vince Mattera.

I met with the Moses and Hannah on Monday, June 19, 2017.......I was very impressed with both students, they each made a great impression and I found them both to be very well spoken, intelligent and in touch with their emotions. I asked them if they were excited about their upcoming college experience. Moses seemed prepared for what was coming, however Hannah seemed apprehensive and a little frightened. Both emotions quite common. My feeling is they will both do well.

Upon reading their questionnaires which I ask them to complete, I see that Hannah was involved in soccer, softball, and basketball and I say to her that she must have been really busy. She answers by saying that she enjoys partaking in sports because for her they are a real stress reliever.

She claims that she took Forensics in her Junior year, claiming that, at that time, she wanted to be a homicide detective and Forensics was preparing her for what she would be doing.......however, she has made a 360 and because she would like to help children she will be taking courses at CSI that will help her attain a Bachelor’s degree; she wants to become a teacher. She would like to eventually attain a Master’s Degree in Education and will minor in psychology.

Students must do Community Service, it is required to graduate.......Hannah of course did her share. She claims that if a student does more than 500 hours over their high school career they can receive a scholarship. The others will get recognition for 100 hours or more of service.

Hannah will be attending the College of Staten Island beginning with the fall semester 2017.

Moses was involved in Track and Field and Soccer......he claims that when he was a kid he would always daydream about becoming a recognized athlete and while growing up he realized that under the right circumstances you could attain that, so he tried and continued the lifestyle, therefore the Track and Field and Soccer.

Moses claims that through his high school years the subjects that he enjoyed the most were related to business. In three years, he claims he learned so much about the business world that it became his utmost passion and he wants to explore all the possibilities there are to move in that direction.

He claims that his main goal in life is to work hard to reach his full potential and to help as many people as possible with what he does. He claims that he wants no regrets in his life as he grows older, he wants no “I could have” or “I should have”. He wants to live each day as if it was his last, giving it his all!

As I mentioned above Community Service is a part of High School life and is required to graduate. The amount of time you devote to this is a personal decision. He says he often gave up weekends to volunteer at an Elementary School. He coordinated and helped managed activities for the kids and he found it gratifying to observe the kids enjoying the activities that he had helped plan. He claims it was definitely worth giving his time.