This years Awards Assembly took place on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. This year’s award went to Nicholas Fallon. As usual, we set a date to meet the recipient, and as usual that meeting took place in the College Advisor’s Office. That date this year was Friday, June 14th. I was excited as I usually am to meet Nick.

Nick was there when I arrived. It was a pleasure to meet this fine young man. He played baseball and football while in PRHS. Nick presents me with a thank you letter. He explains in his letter that he wasn’t viewing this achievement as a scholarship, but as a window of opportunity that is helping him turn his dreams into a reality. $3,000.00 by far is a substantial amount, but I was glad that he saw it as much more.

We talked a little about his future plans and he told me that he was taking his education into the field of Business. He’s interested in Advertising and would like to become an Advertising Manager. Because of his passion for sports and recognizing that he may not be able to play professionally, he definitely wants to include sports into his lifestyle and professional future. His dream would be to advertise or sell sports related items working for a company in the sports field,

Nick has goals, which I found impressive. He is willing I can see to do everything he can to overcome any adversity by working hard and moving past failure.