2020 a year filled with much distress. The Covid 19 virus hit this country and changed our lives tremendously. Students had to stay home and school learning went virtual. However, Port Richmond High School worked diligently to give their students the honor they deserved and filmed a beautiful ceremony streamed so everyone involved could attend, but keep socially distant and safe.

After the Awards Assembly, I usually meet with the recipient in person, but because the school was not open this was not possible. That’s one of the things that I love is getting to meet the recipients, talking with them for a while, getting to know them a little. A telephone conversation with Calvin had to suffice.

This year our award went to Calvin Barradas. Calvin participated in the Football program…….he felt that this program helped him to grow as a person through adversity, which helped in his personal life, mentally, physically and emotionally……..the sport was readily there for you he states.

When asked about any specific subject taken that he really enjoyed he told me that it actually was economics. He said his teacher really had the ability to keep the class focused and entertained at the same time infiltrating jokes here and there to make the atmosphere more conducive to learning, at least for him.

Calvin will attend the College of Staten Island in the fall and will be pursuing Psychology and Criminal justice.

Of course, we wish Calvin only the best and much success in his endeavors.