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Nicholas Rossomando 9/11 Memorial Scholarship Fund Website

Nick was a fireman with the elite rescue company located on Staten Island, Rescue 5.

Nick along with his fellow firefighters from that company answered the call to the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

Nick gave his life while saving others.
He was 35.

Mission Statement:

Nick was a firefighter who lost his life on 9/11/01 while saving others. We created this fund to honor him and to keep his memory alive. We continue his legacy of helping others by presenting, on an annual basis, a monetary award to two Port Richmond High School graduating student athletes, who will be going on to college. The criteria: They must have faced great adversity, conquered it and gone on to achieve!


It’s been a while since 9/11/15, but I wanted to share with everyone a story of human goodness. It’s the Sunday morning after 9/11/15 and my husband tells me that someone named Ingrid Lechner called and left a message saying that she did the Denver Stair climb in honor of Nick. She left her number and I called her back.

What followed was two people who had Nicky in common coming together to share in our own special ways the commonality. I learned that she was a volunteer firefighter in Colorado and her husband was one as well. I shared with her Nick’s story in part and when our conversation was over, we both had a fair view, me of her and her of Nicky.

We ended our conversation and some days later I said to myself, why didn’t you ask her to send some pictures of herself on that day so I could post them on his Facebook page and on his website. So I called her again requesting the pics. I asked her for her tee shirt size and will be sending her one of Nick’s Memorial Tees and our “Tribute to Nicky Love” dvd. She e-mailed me back and the content and pictures are to follow!

Re: I climbed for Nicky Love....

Dear Barbara,
I'm so happy to be associated with you and your family. What a remarkable person and firefighter Nicky was, and what an amazing family he has. You are all just pure love. It's an honor to be forever connected to Nicky as a sister firefighter.

My shirt size is small and my address is:
Ingrid Lechner
Her Address

I would love your address as well. This year I was selected to be a part of the 2016 Colorado Firefighter Calendar. We raise donations for The Children's Hospital Pediatric Burn Unit and Colorado Burn Camp. I have made a donation in your family's name and would like to send you a calendar.


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