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Nicholas Rossomando 9/11 Memorial Scholarship Fund Website

Nick was a fireman with the elite rescue company located on Staten Island, Rescue 5.

Nick along with his fellow firefighters from that company answered the call to the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

Nick gave his life while saving others.
He was 35.

Mission Statement:

Nick was a firefighter who lost his life on 9/11/01 while saving others. We created this fund to honor him and to keep his memory alive. We continue his legacy of helping others by presenting, on an annual basis, a monetary award to two Port Richmond High School graduating student athletes, who will be going on to college. The criteria: They must have faced great adversity, conquered it and gone on to achieve!


On September 9, 2015 a message was delivered to my Facebook Inbox. It was from Brandon Porter. Brandon explains to me that on Saturday, September 5, 2015 he did the Dallas 9/11 Stair Climb. He goes on to explain that it was the 3rd year he had done this Stair Climb and each year he climbed in honor of Nicholas. Brandon is a member of the Rescue Unit for his city like Nick.

After the September 5th stairclimb Brandon had the honor of meeting members of Rescue 5 along with friends and family of members who passed on 9/11/01. One of those being Madeline Bergin Koenig, wife of John Bergin. Brandon gave Madeline the lanyard he wore around his neck with the picture on it of the firefighter they are honoring.

At the September 11th anniversary gathering, all the wives of the firefighters lost 9/11 and myself, the only Mom were presented with the lanyards those Texas firefighters wore the day of the climb. A picture of that is below. You will also find pictures from that day that Brandon sent to me.

This year Brandon will be coming to New York along with his wife Molly because he will be doing the 2016 NY Firefighter Stair Climb on Sunday, March 13th, and he will be climbing in honor of Nicky again. Plans have been made to have them at Rescue 5 on March 12th for a gathering and it will be at that time that Nick’s family will get to meet and thank him for doing this year for Nick.

Thanks Brandon for doing this!


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